Latin America…

…a land area over
4x larger than the EU

…home to approximately 640 mln people
living in 33 countries and dependencies

Some Numbers

Population million 639 508
Nominal GDP ( trillion USD) 5.6 17.1
GDP per capita (nominal) USD 8.8 33.6
FDI inflow (2012-16 average) % of GDP 3.4% 2.3%
GDP growth (2000-15 nominal) % 2.9 1.3

Latin America has a set of very complex issues…

With a magnitude of individual growth opportunities in each of the countries

Our Vision

To create a platform for dialog & to become an important catalyst of Economic Development in Latin America & Caribbean using European experience and establishment to build bilateral relations for sustainable development of societies.


  • Creates a platform for dialogue between members, networking for Economic development via sustainable business and investment opportunities
  • Fosters sustainable international partnerships
  • Operates with the business mindset of “getting things done”
  • Puts integrity and trust in the heart of what we do
  • Builds on experience and diversity

Our Patrons

Ignacio Domeyko and John Paul II

  • Our protagonists and patrons recognized and appreciated globally
  • Roll models of activity across borders and dialog platforms creation
  • Trademarks of Poland
  • Trademarks of quality & integrity


  • IDE EAL is an independent Institute created by a network of top diplomatic officials and high profile  individuals with vast experience in Latin America & Caribbean and well connected within the EU  and the CEE counties
  • In IDE EAL we understand Economic Development in its integrated & inclusive meaning where culture,  education and business are joined in dialogue.
  • In IDE EAL we believe in interdisciplinary, holistic approach to find the best, sustainable solutions
  • IDE EAL’s mission is to support acceleration of Economic Development in Latin America & Caribbean  through strategic partnerships with European Businesses, Institutions, Chambers of Commerce & establishment while creating new investment opportunities.
  • In IDE EAL we combine in-depth knowledge of Latin America’s economic environment with 30 years of experience and expertise in economic transformation of Central European countries.


  • IDE EAL facilitates development of its members’ interests, working to increase the value of bilateral know-how, education ,culture ,trade and investment flows. Integrity, diversity and the highest respect for cultural and political identity are our trade marks.
  • IDE EAL fosters relationships with relevant governmental, institutional and business bodies in the EU and Latin American countries, anticipating local culture and regulatory environment developments.
  • IDE EAL provides high quality country specific expertise and insights together with individual assistance of highly qualified field experience professionals to every social ,education ,culture , eradication of poverty or business initiative.
  • Working groups with leaders focus on 3 areas: Culture & Education; Eradication of poverty; Commerce & Business
  • IDE EAL members personal involvement is a base for operation (networking; passive & active involvement in projects; support to each other)


Polonia deportes

Interdisciplinary education - social project

  from 2013 on going
  • Implementation of polish sport education model in Chile
  • Exchange of sport related education know-how between Poland and Chile
  • Build international relation in teachers & pupils communities
  • Create a platform for poverty eradication
  • Create a platform for future projects

Prisma pais Chile Polonia

  • Exchange of facts & myths about Poland and Chile to both nations via serious of films made in both countries
  • Build the communication exchange mechanism for strengthening the relation between two nations
  • Exchange of facts & myths about Poland and Chile to both nations via serious of films made in both countries
  • YouTube - Prisma País Polonia - Chile

John Paul II project in Antafagasta

Eradication of poverty through inclusive economy

  • Open pre-school & school in favelas
  • Create a small business venture to support women living in favelas
  • Opening sport and multipurpose facility to keep children off the street

The visit of the ambassador of Chile in Poland



  • “Chile as an example of economic opportunities in Latin America “ – panels  in Torun with participation of Chamber of Commerce & regional international  relations officials – September 2018
      • "Latin America - Poland relations on anniversary of 100 years of our independence" - official meetings of Polish and Chilian parliamentary groups, sessions, film presentations combined with promotion of Poland and official launch of IDEEAL activity in Chile. Particular focus of the event on 100 years of Poland idependence, 100 years of dyplomatic relations and 130 anniversary of death of Ignacio Domeyko. January 2019
        • “Cooperation with :



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